It was decided at the annual general meeting that in 2016, the association will continue to carry out projects under the name of “Emotional Literacy – Development of socio-emotional skills in school and kindergarten” and “Multi-disciplinary approach to detection, diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD”, in the area of Zagreb. Furthermore, a new project has been designed, called “Mobile phones – a new addiction among children and youth” which has been applied for a competetion at the Zagreb Municipal Office. The importance of applying new projects for competitions organized by state institutions, city offices and Croatian Ministries, was particularly emphasized at the meeting.

The Institute offers lectures on “ADHD – advice for teachers”, both in Zagreb and in areas outside of the city, in order to expand its activities in 2016 to the County of Istria, Primorje – Gorski Kotar, Bjelovar – Bilogora, and Koprivnica – Krizevci.
It puts the emphasis on working on the implementation of training in Children and adolescent integrative psychotherapy, organizing symposiums on specialized topics related to activities performed by the Institute, as well as the establishment of a counseling service for parents, children and young people.