Training in psychotherapeutic counselling for children and young people

What is psychotherapeutic counselling for children and young people?

Training in psychotherapeutic counselling for children and young people is based on a developmental approach, which also incorporates humanistic and integrative approach (Gestalt, TA, IA), Self Psychology and intrapersonal relations theory, in order to successfully conduct counselling work with children and young people.

Given the peculiarities of children and adolescents, training is based on understanding the needs and stages of development in children and young people, as the selection of consulting methods and techniques is adapted to different stages of development, as well as the child’s specific problems and the relationship with environment. The relationship between the child and counselor is an essential part of the treatment, because training is based on understanding the dynamics of the relationship, including the importance of transference – countertransference.

Who is the training for?

This training is meant for all those who work with children / young people, such as teachers, nurses, social workers, expert assistants in schools and kindergartens, psychologists, special educators, speech therapists. The training provides an excellent groundwork for all those who work with children and youth on a daily basis, either in state companies or companies within the private sector.

In order to apply it is necessary to send a written request, undergo an interview with the leader of training and become a member of the Institute C.Y.F.

What are the conditions during the training?

  • It is necessary to pay for the educational year before the first weekend of the workshop, and it is required to submit a certificate to the secretariat of the Institute.
  • All participants must attend their personal psychotherapy  during their training
  • All participants who work with children must have their work supervised
  • All participants must be members of the Institute C.Y.F., and are therefore members of EYATSCIP (European Association of Pediatric and Adolescent Psychotherapy and counseling for children and young people)
  • In order to take the final exam, the student must attend all training modules.
  • During the training it is necessary that students apply their knowledge and skills to work with two children.