How to become a member of the Institute?

Any person of age with a Croatian citizenship can become a member of Institute C.Y.F., be it a natural or a legal person.

All that is required is to send a request for membership to the following e-mail address: 

Upon receiving your application, we will inform you by e-mail about the further procedure and necessary steps to become a member of the Institute.

The membership is confirmed after payment of the membership fee.

The rights and duties of the members include:

  • active participation in the Institute’s work
  • active participation in managing the Institute
  • choosing and being chosen for various positions in the Institute
  • providing observations and suggestions related to the Institute’s work
  • staying informed about the Institute’s work and carrying out its tasks according to the programme
  • adhering to the Statute and other acts of the Institute
  • contributing to the fullfilment of the Institute’s aims
  • preserving and elevating the Institute’s image
  • paying the yearly membership fee.

Information required for the payment:

Title: Institut D.O.M.

Address: Lipovečka 17, 10 000 Zagreb

IBAN: HR2523400091110469747

Sum: 200,00 kn a year

Description: membership fee for Institut D.O.M. for -year-

Number: date and year

Model: 00