Summer school of children’s psychotherapy

General information

Date: September 2016.

Location: to be announced


Official language: Croatian / English


  • IUC certifies participants upon the completion of the training seminar
  • Institute C.Y.F. issues a Certificate of Attendance at the seminar
  • ECT points

Institute for psychotherapy and counselling of children, youth and family organizes a “Summer School of Children’s psychotherapy” in September each year, under the training for children and adolescent psychotherapist, according to European standards.

The main organizer of the seminar is Prof. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, Ph.D.

“Summer school of children’s psychotherapy” encourages inter-faculty collaboration and research in the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy. It represents a continuous form of training in child and adolescent psychotherapy, where cases are displayed and analyzed using therapeutic approach, through theoretical part provided by renowned experts who were invited.

The focus of work is mental health of children and young people, through presentation of cases, supervision and analysis of the therapeutic process, and outcome of the same.

The seminar is designed for those who work in helping professions – doctors, psychologists, social educators, social workers, nurses.

The purpose of the “Summer School of Children’s psychotherapy” is to improve and contribute to the work in field of children and young people’s mental health, and to be an inspiration to the present time when egoism is the suprelativ, while one is left aside.